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Fundraising can help offset the cost
of these aspects of being involved
in youth sports organizations.

Travel Teams

Kids who join travel teams in youth sports organizations face additional expenses that go beyond just gear and jerseys. Travel teams have to factor in things like hotels or other accommodations, fuel costs if driving, plane tickets for flying, food along the way, and everything in between. Setting up a simple online raffle fundraiser can help offset the additional costs that travel teams require of families.

League Fees

Sometimes you need to raise money as quickly and painlessly as possible. This is where the Giving Project can help. Setting up a Giving Project, sharing the link on your football club's website and social media platforms, and collecting donations from loyal fans couldn't be easier. Our specialists are here to support and advise you 24 hours a day, and you can use our mobile app to track your fundraising success while driving to and from football games. And if you're looking for more fundraising ideas, we've got many. Set a goal and go for it!


Team sports are beneficial to their communities, but they are not self- sustaining. It costs money to keep teams ready to play, from team sports equipment to jerseys to playing fields. The Giving Project created Team Fundraising to address this issue. This new tool allows sports teams to collaborate in order to raise funds. To reach more donors faster, your entire team can collaborate on the same fundraiser. Why not combine a crowdfunding fundraiser with a fun sports-themed fundraising event to make it stand out?


The Giving Project gives you the tools to drive more donations for your projects by selling jerseys. We take care of printing. shipping and everything in between - including payment processing and chargebacks so you can focus on bringing your dream to life.

6 Ways We Help You Fundraise Smarter!

Unique and Streamlined

The Giving Project online raffle platform is unique, streamlined, and attractive to organizations engaging a larger team. So walk away from traditional fundraisers (super bowl squares, paper ticket raffles) that are overdone.

Digital Entries and Digital Raffle Tickets

The Giving Project distributes digital entries that are tracked on the site. There is no need to pay for tickets to be printed, distributed to members, and sold to entrants. Raffle tickets are purchased online via our safe site, and funds are directly deposited in the client's account.

Automatically Tracks Progress

The Giving Project automatically tracks all members’ contributions/sales so the campaign manager can see it on their dashboard.

Social Media Ads

Members receive digital graphic ads to create awareness in social media posts, emails, or text messages.

Online Link for Easy Distribution

The Giving Project supplies the organization's members with tools to distribute their link to the campaign page via text, email, or social media. This allows them to reach almost everyone they know!

Keep All the Money Earned

Many fundraisers are cash-only or lose a percentage to "Venmo" types. The Giving Project gives purchasers the ability to pay credit card fees so the organization can keep 100% of funds.

Chad Cohen

"Our basketball team's fundraiser was easier and more successful than ever before thanks to The Giving Project."

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TJ Davis

"Using the Giving Project's website in place of our annual in-person fundraising event, my youth soccer team managed to bring in even more money than previous years, while staying safe at home during the global pandemic."
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