For Sponsors

Make a difference in your community.

The Giving Project was created to accommodate what people are looking for when it comes to giving. Our services provide ways to create successful charitable campaigns, without the large investment.

Want your donation to go further than signage at a fundraiser? Your prize donation is the kickoff to making a large impact in your community by raising money and awareness for an amazing charity.

  • We will work with you to create a buzz-worthy prize.
  • Generate traffic to our website so potential donors can learn more.
  • Your unique prize will create a surge of donations to the charity you choose to benefit.

We make giving work for you.

  • Everyone can embrace the results they’ve helped create
    We share the results of our campaigns with everyone involved. This way, everyone gets to see the real impact that their donation has had on their community.
  • Engage with your community through charitable giving
    People are more likely to support and want to be a part of a company that gives back. Be seen in your community as an organization that is invested in its progress.
  • Create a unique and progressive marketing campaign at no cost
    All we ask is that you provide a prize for your campaign and we’ll handle the cost of marketing it. There are no upfront costs you need to recoup unlike other fundraising options.
  • Be recognized as a charitable member of the community
    We plan to award organizations that do the most for their communities. Your generosity in helping others should be recognized and rewarded!
  • We manage the campaign so you don’t have to
    After we work with you to plan your campaign, you can go on auto-pilot. We’ll work to get your campaign seen by as many people as possible to gain as many donations as possible.