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“We see ourselves as a tool for school organizations to provide their students, teachers, parents and staff with the ability to run successful fundraising raffles to help raise money for programs, events and other materials to benefit the students and the school.”

Fundraising can help enrich the school year for students and faculty by providing funding for:

Field Trips

Partially or fully funding field trips is one of the best ways a parent-teacher organization can benefit the students at your school! Field trips can be somewhat costly given the number of students attending, transportation needs, and the tickets or entry to the field trip destination itself, so parent-teacher organizations are a vital part of making these happen for the kids. Hosting multiple successful fundraisers throughout the year is a surefire way to give students a field trip they’ll remember for years.


School events are something that students look forward to throughout the year, and your organization can help make them extra special thanks to easy, efficient, and successful fundraising. Whether your parent-teacher group is hosting a back-to-school bash, winter wonderland, Halloween event, or spring field day activity, fundraising with The Giving Project will enable you to provide whatever supplies, decorations and other entertainment needed to put on a fun event for students.

Speakers/ Other Presentations

Bringing in speakers and other performing acts to the school is a great way to entertain and educate students. Some examples include a wildlife rehabilitation expert, a dance troupe from an underrepresented culture, an author, and a comedian. All of these options and others provide a break in students’ routines that allows them to learn something new and have fun in the process. Fundraising is a great way to have resources available to bring in these opportunities as they come up.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Many parent-teacher organizations like to go big for Teacher Appreciation Day and Teacher Appreciation Week each year, but some even like to show their gratitude to teachers and staff at other points in the year. Whether it’s supplying a back-to-school breakfast, gift cards for coffee, or a small gift for the holidays, effective fundraising allows you to make sure the teachers in your life know they’re appreciated.

6 Ways We Help You Fundraise Smarter!

Unique and Streamlined

The Giving Project online raffle platform is unique, streamlined, and attractive to organizations engaging a larger team. So walk away from traditional fundraisers (super bowl squares, paper ticket raffles) that are overdone.

Digital Entries and Digital Raffle Tickets

The Giving Project distributes digital entries that are tracked on the site. There is no need to pay for tickets to be printed, distributed to members, and sold to entrants. Raffle tickets are purchased online via our safe site, and funds are directly deposited in the client's account.

Automatically Tracks Progress

The Giving Project automatically tracks all members’ contributions/sales so the campaign manager can see it on their dashboard.

Social Media Ads

Members receive digital graphic ads to create awareness in social media posts, emails, or text messages.

Online Link for Easy Distribution

The Giving Project supplies the organization's members with tools to distribute their link to the campaign page via text, email, or social media. This allows them to reach almost everyone they know!

Keep All the Money Earned

Many fundraisers are cash-only or lose a percentage to "Venmo" types. The Giving Project gives purchasers the ability to pay credit card fees so the organization can keep 100% of funds.

– Mira Abadi, elementary school teacher

“The Giving Project helped the PTO at the school where I teach raise enough money to provide each student with a small holiday gift that included a book, journal and more. It was such a nice gesture and the kids were so excited about it when they went home for the break.”

Real people with real results

– Alana Jones, parent

“We are always looking for ways to raise more money through fundraising for our parent-teacher association. The Giving Project made it easy to host an online raffle and more people got involved than ever because it was so simple to participate.”
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