For Charities

Receive more, so you can do more

The Giving Project was created to accommodate what people are looking for when it comes to giving. Our services offer you a way to receive donations without requiring any additional work from you.

Charities spend a large portion of their budget on fundraising. Why only run events that require large amounts of your resources before you see a dime? By partnering with one of our sponsors and running a campaign with us:

  • We will raise as much money for your charity as possible, with minimal effort required on your part
  • We can provide you with support, even after your campaign ends, to pull in more funds throughout the year

We make giving work for you.

  • Grow your donor & volunteer contact list
    Cultivating relationships with members of the community is vital to a charity. We help you grow your contact list free of charge without requiring effort. We offer participating donors the option to give us their contact information in return for an incentive.
  • Make your organization stand out.
    Stand out by doing something different and create a campaign with us. We partner you with a sponsor to develop a unique fundraising experience to put your organization front and center and promote your brand message to a larger audience.
  • Be a part of our automatic donating program.
    We offer an automated donation program to our members. Each month, they automatically donate to our current campaigns, which means your charity may already have built-in donations even before it’s been promoted.
  • We bring your attention to you.
    Marketing can be very costly, and results can vary. We offer a cost-effective way for you to market yourself through social media and our website. We will create social media posts and “paid for” advertisements that link to your accounts and offer a place on our website for potential donors to give to you any time of year.