A better world starts at the community level.

We cater to the local community so donors, sponsors, and organizations can see and embrace the results that they helped to create. Think of all the good that could be done in your area if charities had the resources to do more.

Americans are giving at record rates. In 2017, contributions broke $400 billion for the first time ever. People are giving based on their beliefs and interests, which are diverse and wide-ranging. We want to give the charities in our local communities the opportunity to be a part of this upward trajectory.

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Why our campaigns work

79% of people prefer to work

for a socially responsible company

48% of people

give through raffles

46% of people

said finding a communication with potential donors is their biggest challenge

44% of people

said the market is too saturated with similar fundraising efforts

32% of people

said that many fundraising efforts are boring

35% of people

give through online fundraising sites

40% of people

said they’d be more likely to donate if it gave them a chance to win a prize

The Giving Project

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