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A small contribution can make a huge impact.

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you help your community.


Make a difference in the community.

Want your donation to go further than signage at a fundraiser? Your prize donation is the kickoff to making a large impact in your community by raising money and awareness for an amazing charity.


What you give, you get back tenfold.

Being a charitable organization has many benefits for the community as well as your bottom line. With our Workforce Giving Program, you can easily engage your employees to give.


Receive more, so you can do more.

Charities spend a large portion of their budget on fundraising. Why only run events that require large amounts of your resources before you see a dime? Partner with one of our sponsors to raise money without spending money.


Giving can be easy and rewarding.

Are you looking for ways to engage more with charitable giving? We know if seeing the good your donation is doing for the community was easier – and if you were incentivized to give – local charities would truly benefit. We offer donors many ways to give.